Ayşe Yaren Kaya

Circa 2017 ***
  1. UGG Feel House 
  2. Personal Identity
  3. Tongues Manual
  4. Lavazza Rebrand
  5. Merge Festival
  6. Propaganda Series
  7. Pegasus Equestrian

  1. Yaren is a multidisciplinary communication/graphic designer based in New York and Istanbul. She is a dog person, an avid raggaeton listener & a sucker for a creatively utilized grid!


6. Propaganda Series 

Fall 2018
For Self Initiated Project

A silkscreen print series inspired by the early, political propaganda posters and culture; designed under a satirical and humorous light.What catalyzed this project was mainly the cosmic joke of getting away from one fascist government only to run into another in 2016 when I first moved to NYC.