Ayşe Yaren Kaya

Circa 2017 ***
  1. UGG Feel House 
  2. Personal Identity
  3. Tongues Manual
  4. Lavazza Rebrand
  5. Merge Festival
  6. Propaganda Series
  7. Pegasus Equestrian

  1. Yaren is a multidisciplinary communication/graphic designer based in New York and Istanbul. She is a dog person, an avid raggaeton listener & a sucker for a creatively utilized grid!


7. Pegasus Equestrian Club

Fall 2018
For Freelance Design Work for the Club Owners

Branding, art direction and identity design for an equestrian sports club. The concept for this project was to unite the aesthetics of a varsity athletics club with the unique world of equestrian sports for a new equestrian club in Izmir, Turkey. The inspiration comes both from the Greek mythologhy aestetics that are endemic to the Aegean region and the dynamic varsity iconography.